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Executive Director
Ph: (813) 490-5490 Ext.209

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Deputy Executive Director
Ph: (813) 490-5490 Ext.211

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Clincial Supervisor
Ph: (813) 871-7412 Ext.130

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Human Resources Director
Ph: (813) 871-7412 Ext.122

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Program Manager  
Healthy Start Program 
Ph: (813) 490-5490 Ext 223
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Program Manager  
Healthy Start Program 
Ph: (813) 490-5490 Ext 110
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Success 4 Kids & Families, Inc.
2902 N. Armenia Avenue Ste 200
Tampa, FL 33607
Ph: (813) 490-5490
Fax: (813) 490-5495
Email: info@s4kf.org
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Our Staff


Main Office 

2902 N. Armenia Avenue Ste 200
Tampa, FL 33607
Ph: (813) 490-5490

First Name Last Name Position Ext        Email
Andy Macaluso Intake Coordinator 225  amacaluso@s4kf.org
Artrelle Eubanks Successful Youth Coordinator 219 aeubanks@s4kf.org
Brittany Eagan Intake Liaison beagan@s4kf.org
Caroline Garcia Intake Specialist 221 cgarcia@s4kf.org
Chas Darling Intake Unit Supervisor 202 cdarling@s4kf.org
Clara Reynolds Executive Director 209 creynolds@s4kf.org
Diana Sierra Administrative Assistant 215 dsierra@s4kf.org
Diana Rodriguez Intake Coordinator 216 drodriguez@s4kf.org
Donna Allred Intake Coordinator 224 dallred@s4kf.org
Jennifer Lueders Intake Specialist 214 jeverson@s4kf.org
John Mayo Deputy Executive Director 211 jmayo@s4k.org
Kristin Jarrells Intake Coordinator 208 kjarrells@s4kf.org
Lucy Nguyen Data Entry 228 lnguyen@s4kf.org
Margarita Cabrera Family Resource Coord. Supervisor 218 mcabrera@s4kf.org
Maria Leon Intake Coordinator 222 mleon@s4kf.org
Maria Tamayo Program Manager 223 mtamayo@s4kf.org
Mark Lauver Intake Specialist 213 mlauver@s4kf.org
Marketta Williams Data Entry 207 mwilliams@s4kf.org
Nanci Nolan Successful Student Coordinator 212 nnolan@s4kf.org
Noemi Lopez Intake Assistant 203 nlopez@s4kf.org
Pam Bicking Intake Coordinator 203 pbicking@s4kf.org
Sommer Kelley Intake Assistant 201 skelley@s4kf.org

Annex Office Directory

2806 N. Armenia Avenue, Suite 400
Tampa, FL  33607
Ph: (813) 871-7412 


First Name Last Name Position Ext    Email
Alex Nott TANF Outreach Coordinator     125 anott@s4kf.org        
Beth Piecora Family Specialist 113 bpiecora@s4kf.org
Denise  Robinson Systems Navigator drobinson@s4kf.org
Jorge Villada Systems Navigator 129 jvillada@s4kf.org
Kathy Fabbri Program Manager 110 kfabbri@s4kf.org
Keith Engram Systems Navigator 105 kengram@s4kf.org
Michael Parks Human Resources Director 122 mparks@s4kf.org
Pam Jeffre Clinical Supervisor 130 pjeffre@s4kf.org
Selina Harger Finance/Data Mgt Admin 103 sharger@s4kf.org
Nina Brown Unit Supervisor 124 nbrown@s4kf.org
Tara Bristol Unit Supervisor 101 tbristol@s4kf.org
Trina Fuller Data Management Assistant 106 tfuller@s4kforg

Field Staff Directory


First Name Last Name Title Email Address
Alba Fernandez Mental Health Counselor afernandez@s4kf.org
Arnelly Tavarez Case Manager atavarez@s4kf.org
Erin Yorker Mental Health Counselor eyorker@s4kf.org
Haidy Perez Family Resource Coordinator hperez@s4kf.org
Jeanette Irizarry Case Manager           jirizarry@s4kf.org
Jennifer Roberson Case Manager jroberson@s4kf.org
Jessica Jensen Case Manager jjensen@s4kf.org
Lisa Moy Case Manager lmoy@s4kf.org
Lucy Irizarry Case Manager lirizarry@s4kf.org
Mariana Perez Case Manager mperez@s4kf.org
Piedad Mink Family Resource Coordinator pmink@s4kf.org
Sabrina Taylor Case Manager staylor@s4kf.org
Tony Vasquez Mental Health Counselor tvasquez@s4kf.org