Success 4 Kids and Families

Treating the family as a whole

Success 4 Kids & Families uses an award-winning, highly successful and cutting edge program that provides support for Hillsborough County families who have a child dealing with behavioral, emotional or mental health challenges. Our low-cost and no-cost services are family-centric and designed to help these children stay in their communities and in their homes.

Here are the key elements of the Success 4 Kids and Families Program:

  • S4KF aims to keep children out of mental health facilities and out of jail, and, of the 1,600 children they serve each year in Hillsborough County, so far 85 percent have remained in their homes and schools.
  • Early intervention helps provide success to kids and families before it’s too late. The organization has a remarkable 85% success rate. This is one of the highest success rates in the United States.
  • Case workers visit the family at home to see how family members interact, and they offer counseling to the family, as well as to individual children.
  • Success 4 Kids and Families’ services feature community based case management, clinical services, as well as additional wraparound support. This means trained and qualified social workers and practitioners from this area work with the child and the family in their own home.
  • We strive to promote success by providing comprehensive educational, mental health, and support services to children and their families utilizing a system of care values and principles.
  • Success 4 Kids and Families addresses the need parents have when their child begins to experience serious behavioral, emotional or psychological issues. Starting with a dedicated case worker, S4KF provides in-home counseling, psychological support and access to dozens of programs to help the child and family at risk. Case workers often come to the house, work with every member of the family, and are available at all times.
  • The program provides a much-needed solution for parents who are uninsured or those whose insurance coverage does not adequately cover mental health, without sacrificing treatment quality.
  • S4KF helps families explore community options for related services such as physical and speech therapy, tutoring, legal services, medical and dental, and parent coaching are also part of the menu. Programs go far beyond standard counseling or psychological treatment models- we serve the overarching needs of the family- whatever flashpoints that are causing the problems are addressed.
  • Success 4 Kids and Families adheres to a philosophy of ‘consumer directed’ care, wherein the client controls the program by choosing from a menu of clinical and non-clinical services. The in-home part of the service recognizes the fact that one child’s behavioral difficulties tend to spill over and affect the entire household; S4KF offers a comprehensive ‘strength-based’ solution for the entire family.
  • Success in this program means the kids are not getting arrested or being kicked out --or dropping out of school. This represents more than a thousand kids and families that are now on the right path.
  • Along with parental coaching and training, clients believe an important facet of the program is how it improved their interactions with their kids. S4KF helps families understand what children are going through. We don’t judge.
  • Success 4 Kids and Families is a non-profit, in-home treatment program for families operating out of Hillsborough County. The service is available at no cost to families with children exhibiting behavioral, emotional or mental health issues in Hillsborough County.

The Success 4 Kids & Families Program Helps with these Essential Services:

  • Intake and Assessment- first analysis of the problem and potential solutions
  • Case Management- Dedicated social worker or psychologist for child & family
  • Education
  • Training
  • Assessment
  • Development of Family Support Plan
  • Linkage to needed services
  • Advocating on behalf of family with providers
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Discharge Planning

The Key Programs and Services that We Administer:

Successful Kids Program - coordinates access to children’s mental health services and supports based on each child’s individual needs and family-centered planning. Services are brokered by Successful Kids and provided by independent contractors.